With Michelle panning

A 5-month feminine archetype immersion for the woman who wants to unleash all parts of herself. Her vulnerability, her wild, her power, her sensuality and her magnetism. 

An initiation into your 

feminine expression

say no more, i want in!


A pretty, quiet girl who does as she’s told.There's a fire within you that is waiting To be                 

You were made for more than just being

sounds like you

tell me if this

You feel you have to live by everybody else’s rules just to be accepted

You are terrified of opening up and revealing your true feminine heart for fear of being rejected

You excel at your career, but when it comes time to relax and be in your body… you feel a bit clueless

You find it really fucking hard and scary to ask for what you want and what you need

You desperately want to be able to speak your truth, but desperately fear being seen as a bitch

You put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own (and if you’re honest… that’s built some resentment)

Everyone keeps telling you to “just surrender” and you’re like… “k, but how?!”

You feel completely stuck in your mind and don’t *fully* trust your intuition

Alchemy is a deep journey into the realms of feminine mysteries.

Well then listen closely…

It is a journey to help you surrender into your vulnerability, your truth, your power and your sex so you can become the fully expressed woman you were meant to be.

love notes

love notes

Taylor s.

“I have never joined a program like Alchemy, and honestly when I enrolled I didn’t even fully understand what I was getting myself into but I knew I HAD to work with Michelle. She has this knowingness and confidence around herself that I could feel and admired and wanted to tap into that. Alchemy wasn’t my ticket though to just soak in Michelle’s vibes, I learned to soak in my own. As a business owner and someone who is used to operating in such a masculine energy, Alchemy cracked me open in a way I didn’t even know I needed. I activated new parts of my feminine that have changed the way I show up in my marriage, other relationships and my business. If you’re on the fence about joining Alchemy - just jump! That is where your transformation begins.” 

you could...

what if

Become fully expressed

Unleash your wild side

Be able to speak your needs clearly and unapologetically

Own your truth

Be able to stand in your power

Transform your relationships

Have incredible sex (with someone and solo!

Become an embodied woman

Step into your Queen

Learn to let go of control and surrender

Feel fucking ALIVE!

it's not your fault you don't have this yet.

There were 3 things working 

against you

You’re not the only one

If you are resonating so far, 

I spent my entire life playing small. I stayed in jobs I hated because I was too afraid to leave and not know my next step. I didn’t fully trust myself. I ended up in relationships that were completely toxic. My sexuality became a commodity I could trade for love. I was desperately afraid of speaking my truth and being rejected or “getting it wrong”. I silenced myself over and over again just so I could still be accepted by those around me. 

It wasn’t until I discovered feminine archetypes that everything seemed to change. I got in touch with the nurturing support of The Mother. I tapped into the purity, innocence and vulnerability of The Maiden. I unleashed the wild and primal nature of The Wild Woman. I called on the playful and magnetic spirit of The Slut. And finally, I invoked the sovereign and powerful essence of The Queen.

Yet, something was still missing. I had all these shadows lurking around that I didn’t know what to do with. Which is when I decided to apply what I knew about archetypes, ritual and the wisdom of the body to my shadows. This is where The Martyr, The Damsel, The Bitch, The Controller and The Seductress were born. NOW I finally could express ALL parts of me… and this is where Alchemy was birthed. 

Through a series of 10 different light and shadow archetypes, you will completely transform the way you relate to yourself and others.




With Michelle panning

The go-to immersion for the woman

Who wants to feel safe, to be Fully expressed feminine being

in this world

the archetypes

the archetypes

● Safety ● Nurturing ● Surrender ● Slowing Down ● Fullness ● Fertile

● Over-Giving ● Resentful ● Possessive ● Doesn’t Ask for Help ● Disconnected ● Depleted

● Vulnerability ● Open ● Gentle ● Innocence ● Tender ● Sensitive

● Helpless ● Needs to be Rescued ● Victim ● Reactive ● Powerless ● Manipulative

● Wild ● Raw ● Primal ● Free ● Truth ● Unleashed

● Lonely ● Hustler ● Defensive ● Critical ● Assertive ● Disconnected from her heart

● Lonely ● Hustler ● Defensive ● Critical ● Assertive ● Disconnected from her heart

● Pleasure ● Playful ● Lust ● Curious ● Juicy ● Sexual

● Superiority ● Perfectionist ● Controlling ● Critical ● Cold ● Manipulative

● Worthy ● Sovereign ● Regal ● Proud ● Authority ● Grace

wisdom of your own body. 

This journey that is guiding so deep into the

So many programs out there are coming from the perspective of the mind (which is important, of course), but nothing will take you deeper than looking into discovering your own body wisdom. 

I bring head and heart together, meaning you will be able to understand why you do the things that you do, but also be able to shift these patterns on an embodied level. 

So many programs out there focus on one or the other. Head or heart. I am of the firm belief that you should never have to choose.  

You can have it all,


love notes

love notes

beatrice k.

“Michelle’s work is absolutely incredible. You would be doing yourself a major disservice to pass up on working with her. If you want your dating life, relationships with others, and most importantly yourself to experience a new level of vulnerability, safety, deserving, and ease, get your ass inside. I have seen myself crack wide open in this container and become more me than I ever have before. This mastermind has been a gift. Get ready to meet you.”

Just picture what’s gonna be
Possible for you when:

Flash forward 5 months

⍉ You feel safe to ask for what you need
⍉ You are able to be vulnerable with those around you
⍉ You can express your sexuality and sensuality without shame
⍉ You can set boundaries (without feeling like a bitch)
⍉ You can surrender into the moment
⍉ You can stand in your power unapologetically

here's how 

we're gonna get

you there

10 modules in an online learning portal 
Weekly embodiment calls
5x shadow archetypes
5x light archetypes
5x guest speakers
5x breathwork sessions
5x 30 minute 1:1 coaching / emotional clearing 
sessions with me (1x/month)
Curated playlists for your embodiment practices


Playbooks for each archetype

with journaling prompts and exercises for you to dive into deeper if you so choose.

An epic Facebook community 

My 4-week sexuality and sensuality program ‘ Go F*ck Yourself’ ($444 value)

and group which is there for deep support and questions. Develop incredible friendships, be seen in your transformational journey and most importantly, stop doing it alone.

My ‘Understanding Masculine & Feminine Energies’ program ($197 value)

A private Love Alchemy Tarot Reading from The Soul Connection ($198 value)

who this is for:

The woman who really trusts herself. She doesn’t need to know all the details because she trusts her desire and trusts her intuition that she’s meant to be in this container

Someone who appreciates the wisdom of the mind and also dabbles in the “woo-woo”

A woman who wants to delve into the wisdom of the body

Someone who will show up and engage in the group

A woman who is open to seeing things differently

Who this is not for:

Someone stuck in victimhood and blame

Someone who wants to journey this on their own and won’t show up to calls or engage with the group

Anyone who has extensive trauma that they are still dealing with and has never sought support with

love notes

love notes

terri A.

“Working with Michelle in Alchemy has been an absolute game changer for me. Learning about the archetypes and also the guest speaker calls, really gave me the tools to move forward with creating my own safe place within my myself as I can now be completely vulnerable, knowing I have the strength and the right tools to deal with rejection, disappointment and betrayal. But not only that I can speak my truth, what I desire, what lights me up and turns me on. I have had the opportunity to fall deeply in love with all parts of me, the light and the shadows.” 

investment options


enroll now!

Enroll now!


One time payment of

All payment are inclusive of taxes and charged in AUD


12x monthy payments of

All payment are inclusive of taxes and charged in AUD

enroll now!


6x monthly payments of

All payment are inclusive of taxes and charged in AUD

love notes

love notes

hanne g.

After going through a programme that taught me so much about the badass connected bitch that lives inside me, with a fire under her ass, an icy cool confidence and a warm, glowing heart, I’ve found the intergration process intense and challenging. I’ve been navigating this road for a few weeks now, when suddenly the foggy clouds started to dissipate and clarity (and potentially the biggest shift of my life) started to shine through. I feel my confidence growing each day while integrating the information, self love, bad ass boundary setting skills and mad self respect. I wish for every women to learn these skills for herself, this course is truly a gift.

"How the fxck do you even put into words the intensity and the life changing badassery that her and her program "The Connected Women" are?

then alchemy is for you

the coven awaits

omg yes, i'm ready!


I’m so afraid of doing this in a group… I’m scared to be seen!

I’m so afraid of doing this in a group… I’m scared to be seen!

I hear you. It can be scary to put ourselves out there. So much conditioning and fear about rejection and shame. But this is EXACTLY what this journey is for. This journey is a complete SHAME DETOX. I pride myself on holding very safe containers so there’s nothing you could say or do that would be weird or shameful. ALL parts of you are welcome and it is my wish that by the end of the journey, you feel safe to express all parts of you in all areas of your life.

I’ve never done anything like this before. Should I be worried?!

I’ve never done anything like this before. Should I be worried?!

Definitely not! What I will say though is that this is a deep journey of the body. Things are bound to come up and I am there to help move you through that. So with that said, if you have had any significant trauma that you have NOT sought help with, Alchemy may not be the journey for you. Feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me at if you would like to see if it’s the right fit.

What is going to be required from me?

What is going to be required from me?

It’s going to require you to play full out. I see women give up on themselves all the time and I don’t want that for you. This means showing up to the calls, engaging on the calls on inside the Facebook group, booking in your 1:1 calls, asking questions, leaning into your vulnerability and being open and honest about where you’re at. If you are someone who struggles with homework, then you are in luck as there isn’t any for this whole journey. You will receive fortnightly workbooks in which you have some extra pieces that you can work with if you so choose, but it’s just if you want to go deeper. All the embodiments are done ON the call so there is no hiding. This also is there to help keep you accountable.

It all sounds amazing, but I’m not sure I can afford it.

It all sounds amazing, but I’m not sure I can afford it.

When was the last time you actually INVESTED in yourself? And I don’t mean buying a new outfit, going for cocktails with your girlfriends on Friday night or splurging on $100 worth of Uber Eats. I mean, actually put your money where your mouth is and invested in something that would actually provide you access to all your desires. By investing in yourself, you are saying to the Universe that I AM WORTHY. I am worthy and deserving of all my deepest desires. I’m tired of playing fucking small. I’M NOT AFRAID TO TAKE UP SPACE. I know it can feel scary because you may have never invested in something like this before… but you can either have your comfort zone or your desires. You choose.

How much time will this take per week?

How much time will this take per week?

First off, let’s not look at how much time it TAKES because that’s already in lack and we want you in an abundance mindset! But on a tangible level, 90-minutes per week. If you are not willing to give your feminine 90 minutes per week, then this probably isn’t the right journey for you. This is why I have all the practices ON the call so that we can be fully present and nurture ourselves together, in sisterhood.

I love it! But it’s not the right time. When will you be running it again?

I love it! But it’s not the right time. When will you be running it again?

When IS the right time? It’s never the perfect time. If you’re waiting for everything to always line up perfectly before you act on things, then your life will be mostly spent waiting in limbo. As for when I’ll be running it again, I don’t have any plans to run this again in this format, but things can always change. I trust my feminine and as you’ll learn… that can flow. So, who knows!

michelle panning

intimacy alchemist