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And if you keep pretending that you're fine with not expressing them, you're just going to keep getting more of what you don't want.

That was a bit spicy, I know. It's only 'cause I love ya and I know that you know that YOU'RE READY. You're ready to stop with the bandaids and ready to resolve the core patterns that create anxiety, insecuirty and distrust in men.

you're done getting ghosted and being caught up in A cycle of attracting emotionally unavailable men.

you're done being left on read

you have needs

start your journey


"Little did i know, my life was about to change                "

hey babe

i'm michelle

your guide + intimacy alchemist

I get it, girl. I’ve been there too. For years, I was going through the same experiences with men over and over again that left me feeling confused, anxious and pissed off.

I silenced myself in dating and relationships because I was terrified of being judged, rejected and abandoned. I relied (and thrived!) off external validation to feel somewhat okay about myself and had no idea how to meet my own needs. I wanted a meaningful relationship and thought I was doing all the right things but it wasn’t working. It all changed when I went through a break-up and thought “enough is enough. I cannot continue to repeat the same relationships with different men! Something HAS to change!”

I decided right then and there that I was going to do the work to heal my own wounds so I could experience a beautiful and fulfilling relationship with a man. I dove head first into the internal work (the same work that I’m sharing with you in this program) and decided to put myself first. 

read my story!

here's the thing...

it's not his fault

I’ve heard it time and time again… “Men are not to be trusted”
“They cheat”...“They lie.”

But here’s some real talk. If this is what you believe, then this is what you will attract. Everything is a reflection and your trust issues with men are showing you where you have trust issues within yourself. 

It’s never really been about trusting men.
It’s about trusting yourself to say no.
It’s about trusting yourself to stand firm in your boundaries.
It’s about trusting yourself to walk away if you’re not getting the respect you deserve. 


the same goes for

who are seemingly unavailable

I get it, girl. I’ve been there too. For years, I was going through the same experiences with men over and over again that left me feeling confused, anxious and pissed off.

When he doesn’t text you back for a week. When he says he’s “too busy” to see you… then there’s the moment where you show a teeny tiny bit of emotion and he calls you “too sensitive”.  

You’re here because you know it’s time to stop waiting around. 
You’re here because you know that this shit shouldn’t fly. 
…..and you know that working with me means you won’t let it. 

You’re ready to stop playing the guessing games with your love life and you want to learn to trust yourself so that the toxic dating cycles become a thing of the past. 

You’re ready for rock solid boundaries, deep self acceptance and the absolute knowing that you are worthy of the love you desire. 

…..and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably a little fired up right now. Which means it’s time.

start your journey

are you ready

to fight for yourself?

grab a glass of


and take a seat babe.

let's get to know each other.

start your journey

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love notes

love notes

joyce a.

I have developed my confidence, awareness, and faith. Michelle is amazing, if you show up and do the work you'll be amazed at what you can achieve! Thank you again Michelle.

Megan L

Michelle helps you truly dig beyond the surface where you can learn and create meaningful relationships with yourself and others. If you do anything with yourself I encourage you to do this!

Simone v.

Michelle is magic, and if you don't believe in magic, sign up to one of her classes and you'll see! I've loved every bit of wisdom she's shared and felt equally challenged and excited by what she dealt for us. I feel more stable and more in control in my relationships than I ever have.

Jess S.

Michelle's empowerment course offered me an experience I wasn't expecting. I was exposed to so many amazing tools and practices that I will now carry with me for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful to have experienced the sisterhood, as well as the depth of love and wisdom that Michelle gives her clients!

michelle panning

intimacy alchemist