Awakening HER is a live program to help you get the f*ck out of your head and into the most sensual, liberated, awakened version of yourself.


 feminine within 


Imagine what would happen IF YOU DISCOVERED THE DEPTHS OF





Who would you be?

A space where your expression is CELEBRATED, not condemned.

A space where PLEASURE is the norm, not numbness.

A space where you feel TURNED ON, not turned off.

A space where you MAGNETISE what you desire, not repel it.


This is a space to journey the


How do you know you have resistance to the feminine? 

You feel guilty for resting and taking time for yourself

You feel disconnected from your pleasure and sensuality

You’re stuck in chasing vs attracting

You struggle to receive compliments or someone paying for you

You pride yourself on being a “strong, independent women”

You feel like you can only rely on yourself

You don’t trust that things will work out for you unless you huuustle for it

You feel bad for prioritising yourself and your self-care

You always say “sorry” if you start to show an emotion

It’s your journey back home.

Awakening HER is about returning to the core of who you are.

Before you were told it’s not safe to express yourself.

Before you were told you have to work hard for your desires.

Before you learned to value logic over magic.

Before you were told you were selfish for freely and openly receiving without expectation of returning the favour.

Before you placed all your value on how productive you were that day.

Before you learned to put everyone and their dog above you.

Before you decided to put up your masculine shields to protect your heart at all costs. 



You wake up in the morning without an alarm clock and spend the first 5 minutes rolling around in bed just feeling your body. You then get up and ask yourself “what do I FEEL like doing right now?” and you go that thing.

Sometimes it’s movement, sometimes it’s journaling, sometimes it’s meditation, sometimes it’s just cuddling up with your man in bed.

You move through your day with pleasure and ease. Even though you have a to-do list, you don’t feel the pressure and overwhelm that used to come with it. You trust yourself to do your part and you trust that the rest will be taken care of.

Whatever you desire is at your fingertips. Whether it’s daily Stripe notifications from people joining your programs, having epic sex with yourself, having your man cook you a home cooked meal and run you a bath… whatever it is, it is yours when you Awaken HER.

This is a space to MOVE. A space to GROW. A space to EVOLVE.

This is a space to play full out.

I am one honest b*tch and will not sugarcoat it if I see some cooked shit you’re doing. On the contrary, I will also hold you in the deepest levels of love and safety as you find your footing in this next-level version of yourself.


 I’m just letting you know that this is not the space for victimhood, whining or looping the same shit that you have for the past 13 years.

Fuck it, I’m in!

Awakening HER is a space where you will meet your







it’s a way of life.

Here’s what usually happens for people.

They sign up for a course and feel SO excited for a hot minute until they realise it’s going to require their participation. They may do the work, but then they leave the course being like “now what?”

This is the end to that. 

No more one-and-done courses.

Awakening her isn’t just another course; 

Say buh-bye to temporary excitement followed by disappointment.

This is YOUR path to sustained happiness, true embodiment and queen like standards.

What’s Inside

what's inside

  • Cultivating your grounding anchors for the journey
  • Gateways into the body
  • A live embodiment practice to get out of your head and awaken HER right then and there

Call One:

Setting the Container


  • Healthy vs wounded masculine and feminine energy
  • How to cultivate wisdom vs knowledge through the feminine
  • Introducing you to your inner man
  • Creating safety in yourself so you’re not outsourcing it to people around you

Call two:

Creating Safety for Yourself


  • How the mother wound is created
  • How this wound stifles our feminine
  • Getting out of being in a reactive state to the wounded feminine
  • Dissolving feminine projections

Call Three:

Healing the Mother Wound


  • Reconnecting with and learning to love your body
  • Softening into your vulnerability
  • Learning to open your heart even in the face of potential hurt

Call Four:

Opening the Heart


  • Breaking down wtf makes someone magnetic
  • Trying to be magnetic vs actually BEING magnetic
  • Being in a frequency of attraction vs chasing

Call Five: 



  • Discovering YOUR unique intuitive style
  • Discerning between intuitive guidance and fear
  • How I manifest whatever I desire
  • How to live a feminine “soft girl” life and still get shit done

Call Six:



  • Rewriting what pleasure *actually means*
  • How to live a turned on life
  • Unsubscribing from the hustle culture without sacrificing our desires

Call Seven:

Sensuality & Pleasure


  • I will answer ALLLL your questions so no stone is left unturned

Call Eight:

Q&A and Integration


the details


8 live calls
    Replays are available if you can’t make it live
A Q&A call to ask all your burning questions
Weekly journaling
Weekly home-play tasks
Lifetime access

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your softness and your fierceness

It’s time to let