A 12-week shadow work course for women who want to go from feeling anxious AF about their love lives to feeling confident, secure and having unfuckwithable self-worth

And experience the intimacy & connection you’ve been waiting for.

heal your


say no more, i want in!



 chasing unavailable men and getting stuck in the anxious/avoidant trap, 

You deserve more from your love life than constantly

sounds like you

tell me if this

You use sex as a way to HOOK him in thinking that if you’re the naughtiest, sluttiest and sexiest version of yourself, then he will stay

Using other men to make him jealous and have him come running

Waiting by your phone with your pinot grigio to see if he’ll confirm the date you had planned

Stalking his social media cause it’s the only way you feel connected to the guy

Picking fights so he can PROVE how much he loves you

Trying to win him over with how kind, caring and nurturing you are

Getting stuck in a never-ending cycle of situationships

Looking through his followers list to see who he’s following and if there’s anyone you should be concerned about

Jumping into the sack WAY too quickly then wondering WTF just happened?!

Doing cooked shit and pushing him away every time he tries to get closer to you

Only being attracted to men who need “healing” and trying to fix the motherfucker

Blowing up his phone to see who TF he’s with

Saying HE needs to do “the work” (whilst conveniently avoiding your own work)

Being attracted to unavailable men (even men who are married or have girlfriends)

Pretending you’re fine with casual sex when your heart is SCREAMING at you that you’re not

Catching feelings for the most inappropriate fuckers

Acting like his mother and then wondering why he doesn’t step TF up



to embodying your authenticity and

and power as a woman so you 

can completely transform your 

The Connected Woman is a deep journey

Not only just with men but with yourself.

love notes

love notes

mallory N.

I first discovered Michelle on her podcast. Specifically, one episode grabbed my attention, and I knew I wanted work with her. After competing two rounds of the connected woman, and now investing in a one on one container with Michelle, I have watched myself transform from having an anxious attachment style to not only men, but everyone close in my life, not many boundaries at all, and not being able to express anger or express my emotions in a healthy capacity to having a secure relationship with MYSELF first and foremost, the ability to have conscious relationships, self regulate my emotions, and healing my relationship with men, family members, friends, and most importantly, myself. I truly feel beyond connected to my body, and I know I will continue to now invest in Michelle’s programs for years to come. I often think of - wow. I have had this much growth in less than a year. Imagine me 1 year from now. I have truly learned that the BEST investment is within yourself. And if you are feeling hesitant at all in working with Michelle, remember: “Don’t all great things first start with some hesitancy?” When you decide to invest in yourself and remove the blinders, you are truly able to come back home to yourself. Michelle is the closest form of perfection in helping guide you through your healing journey.  

My life has completely changed after working with Michelle for less than a year. YES. Less than a year. 

mady f.

Michelle’s knowledge, love and support is invaluable, I am so grateful for her guidance. Michelle has an incredible ability of creating a safe container and provides women with the permission to be their full, authentic selves, in every single way, through every emotion, trauma and celebration. The support system and connection I have taken from this course is second to none, and that isn’t even touching on the content, tools and knowledge Michelle has provided me to take away and implement into my own life. In 8 short weeks, I have already had so much growth and change in my life, it’s difficult to see the girl I went into the program as, because the one I am walking out as is next level.

"This course was the best thing
I have ever done for myself."

what if you could

stop repeating the past

and actually feel safe, held, secure and confident in and out of your relationships? 

Babe, let’s go there and have you doing love and life in a new way.

against you

there were 3 things working

it's not your fault you don't have this yet

The relationship industry just fills you with “tips & tricks” - without working on the DEEPER layers of the problem. It’s glitter on shit basically.

You’ve been told that men are the problem. How convenient. You then don’t have to look at your OWN shit.

You’ve been sold a lie from the time you were 2 years old that you had to be a sweet, lovely girl to have a healthy relationship so you’re slowly dying inside every time you have a feeling that isn’t sprinkled with fairy dust and unicorns.

love notes

love notes

simone V.

Michelle is magic, and if you don't believe in magic, sign up to one of her classes and you'll see! I've loved every bit of wisdom she's shared and felt equally challenged and excited  by what she dealt for us. I feel more stable and more in control in my  relationships than I ever have.

megan L.

The tools and awareness that you gain from this course is invaluable. Michelle helps you truly dig beyond the surface where you can learn and create meaningful relationships with yourself and others. If you do anything for yourself i encourage you to do this!

Melissa F.

Working with Michelle has been life changing. Her energy, compassion and knowledge has taught me so much about my self. I can't wait for what's next!

Jess s.

Michelle's empowerment course offered me an experience I wasn't expecting. I was exposed to so many amazing tools and practices that I will now carry with me for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful to have experienced the sisterhood, as well as the depth of love and wisdom that Michelle gives her clients!

michelle panning

Your Guide and Mindset & Embodiment Mentor

I get it, girl. I’ve been there too. For years, I was going through the same experiences with men over and over again that left me feeling confused, anxious and pissed off. I silenced myself in dating and relationships because I was terrified of being judged, rejected and abandoned. I relied (and thrived!) on external validation to feel somewhat okay about myself and had no idea how to meet my own needs. I wanted a meaningful relationship and thought I was doing all the right things but it wasn’t working. It all changed when I went through a breakup and thought “enough is enough. I cannot continue to repeat the same relationships with different men! Something HAS to change!” I decided right then and there that I was going to do the work to heal my own wounds so I could experience a beautiful and fulfilling relationship with a man. I dove head-first into the internal work (the same work that I’m sharing with you in this program) and decided to put myself first. 

From that moment forward, I started to attract men who were open, available and wanted to love me. I was able to finally start setting boundaries, ask for what I needed and stop feeling so bloody anxious all the time! With women around the world facing a similar season, I wanted to create a program that would bring together the real work to help you get to the core and free yourself up for the love you want. I’ve seen it time and time again, that when women do the work to heal their internal world, their external world shifts to meet that frequency.

the go-to program for women who want to go from feeling anxious AF about their love lives to feeling confident, secure and having unfuckwithable self-worth

We are going to get so radically honest.

I. Do. Not. Bullshit.

Unlike other programs that may teach you manipulation tactics

Fuck it, I’m in!

(I swear to God… if I see ONE more TikTok about how red nails attract men I will die), we are going straight to the core inside The Connected Woman.

If you are looking for someone to validate your excuses, then this is NOT for you. But if you are really ready to look inwards, then buckle up, baby. ‘Cause we about to go for a ride!  

I bring head and heart together, meaning you will be able to understand why you do the things that you do, but also be able to shift these patterns on an embodied level. So many programs out there focus on one or the other. Head or heart. I am of the firm belief that you should never have to choose. You can have it all, baby! 

love notes

love notes

Joyce a.

I have developed my confidence, awareness and faith. Michelle is amazing, if you show up and do the work you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve! Thank you again Michelle.

"This course has given me the knowledge and tools to be able to create the relationship I want."

and yourself

The REAL way to love life…

This is what you’ve been looking for.

love notes

love notes

Just picture what’s gonna be possible for you when…

Flash forward 12 weeks…

He goes on a boys night and you’re completely calm and regulated

You feel solid AF in your relationship 

You feel emotionally horny by the man *drool*

You say what you need and *SHOCK*, it’s RECEIVED and MET

Your pussy is throbbing because your HEART feels so safe

You feel pursued by him

You’re never having to second guess how he feels about you

You know what you deserve and you stand TRUE to that

Your attraction to unavailable men is zero. zilch. nada.

You’re repulsed by inconsistency in men

You are unapologetic in how you’re feeling, but you’re not delivering it like a fucking banshee

You’ve stopped looking for mummy & daddy in every dude you come across

You communicate like a mature, grown-up woman (which in turn helps you inspire the MASCULINE in him)

Your self-sabotage-y shit has been replaced with self-looooove

You’re managing your emotions by not shutting down and becoming mute NOR acting like a crazy bitch

the details

how we get


this 12-week group program includes 

12x group calls (there will be teaching modules as well as embodiment & hot seat coaching calls)

Live embodiment practices (THIS is where the magic happens)

Home-play practices for each module to anchor in your learnings

Curated playlists for your embodiment practices

A FB group to connect with the other women (life-long friendships have been created here!)

lets go on a 


12 weeks

Prep Work:

Prep Work

we'll cover:

Shadow work 101

Nervous system regulation

module one:

Set the Stage

we'll cover:

Laying the foundation for the next 12 weeks

Avoiding shame spirals

Grounding self-love anchors

Intention setting

Bonus embodiment session to ground us in for the next 12 weeks


All About the Ego

we'll cover:

WTF the ego even is

How your ego is cockblocking you in relationships

How to work WITH the ego vs against it

What to look out for (your ego is sneaky AF)



we'll cover:

The core wounds you carry in relationships

The roles we play and WHY we attract the SAME men over and over again

Releasing your role

module four:

Embodiment & Hot Seat Coaching Call

MODULE five:

Inner Child & Reactivity

we'll cover:

Who the inner child is

How to keep your heart safe in relationships (yet remain open)

Why your inner child starts to act fucking feral and push men away

Reactivity responses in relationships


Triggers &

we'll cover:

Why the same patterns play out in EVERY relationship

The part WE play in our relationship dynamics

My triggers process

module eight:

Embodiment & Hot Seat Coaching Call

MODULE seven:

Projections & Projectional Love

we'll cover:

What projections are

Breaking free from the same toxic cycles of love (hello, woundmates!)

Moving past your relationship karma

MODULE nine:


we'll cover:

Different types of boundaries

How to actually set a boundary (I give you a script) and STICK TO IT

The difference between requests and requirements

module eleven:



Understanding Men

we'll cover:

How to bring out the best in men vs the worst

Power vs Sensitivity

What inspires a man to open his heart to you and cherish you

module Twelve:

Embodiment & Integration

love notes

love notes

Bella J.

This container has literally changed my life! I know that saying that sounds very unrealistic, but it is so very true and has impacted my relationships and the way I show up in the world in the best way possible. It has helped me to understand what my inner child is and her needs and how I can care for and ensure she feels safe, which then allows me to be more compassionate and understanding to not only myself but the world. It has helped me form a closer relationship with my parents as I begin to understand them more and also many other friendships and relationships! I could not recommend this more and the world Michelle has invited me into and the safety you feel in these containers. It really is like nothing I have ever experienced before and is a world I very much would like to stay apart of forever!

This container has literally changed my life!

jennifer s.

I was following Michelle on Instagram for a long time before I finally decided to take part in the course. I saw a lot of signs that pushed me to approach her to get more information. When asking her questions she was professional, honest and very helpful! When the course started I was excited for the weekly calls and for the modules to be released. Although I couldn’t attend a few Michelle always recorded the calls so I never felt like I was behind. It’s now been a few weeks since completing the course and I can’t thank Michelle enough! Every second of the day I’m feeling so much gratitude and love for myself! That was my biggest issue. My partner even see’s a different energy since Day 1 of starting.

"This has been the best investment I've ever signed up around self development and it definitely won't be the last!"

It’s closer than you think

your guide & Intimacy alchemist

I have been where you are right now. I know how painful it feels. How permanent it feels. But I PROMISE you, it does not have to be like this. In order for things to be different though, you need to do something different. Nothing changes if nothing changes. YOU have to be ready for something more. 

This program only opens a few times a year and I only have limited spots, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. I would hate for you to have to experience the same shit for another 6 months.  

 Is now the time to put yourself first? 

investment option


i'm in!

i'm in!


One time payment of

All payment are inclusive of taxes and charged in AUD



All payment are inclusive of taxes and charged in AUD

i'm in!



All payment are inclusive of taxes and charged in AUD

i'm in!



All payment are inclusive of taxes and charged in AUD

love notes

love notes

hanne g.

After going through a programme that taught me so much about the badass connected bitch that lives inside me, with a fire under her ass, an icy cool confidence and a warm, glowing heart, I’ve found the intergration process intense and challenging. I’ve been navigating this road for a few weeks now, when suddenly the foggy clouds started to dissipate and clarity (and potentially the biggest shift of my life) started to shine through. I feel my confidence growing each day while integrating the information, self love, bad ass boundary setting skills and mad self respect. I wish for every women to learn these skills for herself, this course is truly a gift.

"How the fxck do you even put into words the intensity and the life changing badassery that her and her program "The Connected Women" are?


manipulation tactics,
let’s do the real work

you don't need more





We start February 6 2024, at 6 PM AEST, 7 PM AEDT, 12 AM PST, and 3 AM EST and the Facebook group will always remain open for you to go back and refer to!



The 2-hour calls are all held on Zoom and then they are posted into the private TCW Facebook group and ThriveCart Portal right after. Easy peasy!



As long as the internet is around, you can access it! How’s that for ya?!



I hear you. You’re a busy woman with shit to do! But how we do one thing is how we do everything. If you aren’t willing to spend time with yourself, is it any wonder that you may be attracting that in your relationships? 

The time that you invest into this course is so small compared to the freedom you will experience when you can fully show up in your love life. 

Think about all the time you spend doing shit that doesn’t actually give you what you want. Numbing out with social media, Netflix, junk food, going out for drinks, etc. That just leaves you feeling emptier than before! 

Remember that the Facebook group is always open so that you can come back to modules you may have missed or want to come back to!



Look, I understand that it can feel scary to invest in yourself, but what’s scarier is repeating the same old relationships for another year! Yikes!  

 I purposely added an affordable payment plan to make this as accessible as possible to people. The question you have to ask yourself is… “can I afford not to do this?” The money will come back to you, your self-worth will not.



When IS a good time?! It can feel terrifying to make changes, so we will come up with all these reasons why we shouldn’t do something. But at the end of the day, the reason you don’t have what you want is because of avoidance. So if not now, when? 

michelle panning

intimacy alchemist